Creator – Vision, the Source of Possibility | 2022 | ENGLISH

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Creator – Vision, the Source of Possibility

Creator - Connector - Mover, each of us accelerates in one, two or all three of these elements, but if you don’t, things will not be working and you may wonder why.

All three must be present in all businesses, relationships, households, communities, societies and life for them to work.

What is it that you would like to actualize? What creations would you like to bring into existence?

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Mover – Creator – Connector

Welcome to the three elements required for any business, relationship, household, community, society and life to work.

The creator has the vision, the mover builds it and the connector shares it with everyone.

These three elements are the knowledge of Gary Douglas, gifted to all of us for greater ease and competency in life.


3 x 90 minute Pre - Recorded class via mp3 Audio
3 x 90 minute Pre - Recorded class via mp4 Video
1 x Follow up call in August 1st, 2022

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