Daily Consciousness Pack

USD $ 125.00

Engagement with energy is the key to inviting all the best that the universe has to offer to come.

What if the energetics was actually what was making everything show up the way it is showing up in your life?

These 3 different energy meditation exercises are going to touch upon very different aspects of your life.

  • Waking Up With Consciousness - Start your day with this 20 minute guided energy meditation audio in creation with Shannon.
  • Creating Your Future - Listen to this powerful 30 minute guided energy meditation with Shannon to create your most dynamic future. Video Supplement to the ‘Creating Your Future’ meditation also included.
  • Going To Sleep With Ease - Play this going to sleep with EASE energy meditation with Shannon each night to get you into the deepest, most generative sleep.

*This product is in English





1 x 20 minute Waking Up With Consciousness guided energy meditation mp3 Audio
1 x 30 minute Creating Your Future guided energy meditation mp3 Audio
1 x 3 minute Video Supplement to the Creating Your Future meditation
1 x 20 minute Going To Sleep With Ease guided energy meditation mp3 Audio


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