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  • Free Membership FB GROUP with 7 amazing videos on Ease, Joy, Glory, Perceiving, Knowing, Being & Receiving!

  • Receive 4 amazing FREE conscious classes over the next 4 weeks

  • Money Come – How to deeply transform your financial reality

  • Body Joy – What would your life be like if your body was happy?

  • Body Healing – Guided Meditation

  • Body, Yes! – Free Telecall

  • Talk To The Entities – A taste of the of consciousness with the spirit world

  • Receive the first 2 chapters of Shannon’s book, Talk To The Entities

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Praise for Shannon O’Hara and her Free Membership:

The Facebook live conversations that you have about things no one talks about: ease, joy…. It’s giving me access to the choice of those that I didn’t have before

Christel Crawford

I pay more attention to the Lives. I listened to both of them and every time it blows my mind. I get really happy to receive your emails and I would like to sign up to the Premium Membership asap


Dear Shannon – I am really grateful for all these Facebook recordings. This has changed so much in my life and knowing Access but not using it as I should have. You made me want use it daily and start to live in question! These few months have changed and shifted so much in my life! When you came to Hungary a couple of months ago and seeing you in person was such an inspiration and awakening of resistance. Really grateful for all this and your magical being!