How to create invitation
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How to Create Invitation

What is it that makes you reach for what you reach for?

Why can one person sell snow to eskimos and another could not sell a boat to a drowning man?

What truly invites people to reach and to choose?

This is for those of you who desire to invite people and energy into your life, into your vision, into your business and into what is possible. Invite people to engage and receive your gifts, invite energy to contribute to your vision.

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Would you like to know what you can be, do, say and how to be, do and say it to create the greatest pull?
Learn what repels and learn what invites.
The etiquette, finesse, seduction and manipulation of invitation you should have been taught to create and get everything you desire in life.


What we will cover:
  • How to be effective in communicating your vision in video and written word
  • How to create invitation to events so people reach and choose towards it
  • How to create curiosity and question in peoples worlds
  • How NOT to repel by over-giving
  • Understanding where people are coming from so you can connect with them there
  • Making it universal rather than personal
  • The effectiveness of space
  • Knowing when to pull, when to push, when to be neutral, when to give and when to withdraw
  • Learning how to speak so that all want to listen
  • The effectiveness of joy as a viable method and much, much more



6 x 60 Minute Pre – Recorded Telecall via mp3 Audio

6 x 60 Minute Pre – Recorded Telecall via mp4 Video

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