RRFY Introduction - How To Have More Money | 2022 | ENGLISH

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Welcome to the Right Riches For You INTRO class, with Shannon O’Hara & Dr. David Kubes!

Are you ready to make money work for you instead of you working for money?

Are you done with just making enough money to pay your bills?
Is now the time for more?

Prerequisites: ACCESS BARS

Strongly recommended:
Right Riches For You Book
OR if not in your language
How to Become Money Workbook AND Money is not the Problem, you aRE

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What are you willing to have more of?

Many of us are willing to have debt, more judgment, more of the same old reality and more hard.
BUT what if you were willing to have more ease, more joy with money and just MORE!

Having more money means you have to change. You have to change into having more money.
Having more money isn’t about working harder, it’s about having more.
Learn the ease, magic, tools and processes for having more money with ease.


1 x 120 minute Pre - Recorded class via mp3 Audio
1 x 120 minute Pre - Recorded class via mp4 Video

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