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PLEASE NOTE:  This 12 month series is complete. All audios and clearings available immediately! How does it get any better than that?


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What if money could be easy? What would you have to change in your world for money to come with ease? Were you raised by people who made money easy or hard? Has money ever been the problem or is the way you think, feel and relate to money CREATING the “problem”?

Join me to deeply change your financial landscape and ACCESS the joy and peace of having ease with money through receiving, buckle up!


  • 12 x 90 Minute Pre – Recorded Telecalls
  • 12 x Verbal Process Clearing Mp3’s
  • 12 x Written Clearing PDF
  • Home Play Exercises PDF – for home practice and depth of change

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  • CREATE YOUR LIFE:  MONEY – Audio from Shannon’s recent CREATE YOUR LIFE class
  • MONEY COME GUIDED EXERCISE – Specifically made for this program


9 reviews for Money Come 2 (ME)

  1. Mira Claire

    I am so crazy over the moon with gratitude for this class and all of you willing to go on this journey.. we are actually changing the shit storm of money and pioneering a new way, we are the ones forging a new reality! Such big love going out to all of you!!

  2. Smriti Shivasdani

    This is to acknowledge that the conversation on financial abuse has been a huge contribution to me. I am now happy to look at my investments, deal with the paper work, meet the relationship manager, look at future investment possibilities. A few years ago i would have a tough time managing it. I would avoid taking decisions and the paperwork involved. Now theres a huge amount of ease and openness. Its exciting in fact… what are the possibilities with money i wonder?
    Thank you for the gift you be. Hugs.

  3. Cindy Fellay

    Wow. Thank you for this series Shannon!! Me and my body are so grateful. Such a nurturing space just got created in my world <3

  4. Ruth Bartleet

    I’ve got some sweet and gentle news:
    I’m so grateful for the gentle changes that I am creating in my world with these questions and exercises.
    Thank you, Shannon O’Hara and friends.

  5. Shilpa Iyer

    So something totally NEW in my world ..something till now i have never old wooden altar which i haven’t been using , a friend wanted to have it ..the earlier me would give it all away for FREE as would feel guilty to ask money for an old used stuff..BUT THIS TIME I ASKED FOR MONEY..and INDEED got paid..well could have asked for a higher price of course but yea its all changing..MONEY COME MONEY COME SEXY HONEY ..come to me ??..thanks shannon & people for your experience its all encouraging!!

  6. Eva Dalhoff

    I have been listening to all the classes again and they are the most potent amazing calls I have ever joined and .. the homework I just love spending time doing that every day ..
    I am so grateful
    Everything in my life is changing, my commitment to live and create, my willingness to be present with money and everything else in this reality, like I don’t let “”it”” intimidate me anymore, new doors opens and every day, different people shows up, I show up different, I am grateful for my body,
    I now love money, my willingness to receive expands and I have more and awareness with where I function from – when I do money abuse and when I function from my money reality – I know much more about what I desire to create and have and I am committed to go for it and not give up !
    I am now asking and playing with questions about what I would create if I was was a financial super power and what i would create if I had 100 millions $ ….
    I know this is just the beginning how wonderful is that ( and Shannon I know what it takes to built a school !)
    THANK YOU SHANNON and everybody joining this class

  7. Sylvia Johnson

    Awesomeness ❤️ Grateful for your willingness to share your tools to empower us!!!! Yay ?

  8. Wendy Mulder

    Have been listening to the calls !! especially call 9 !!
    Amazing !1 Thank you Shannon O’Hara..You are a gift to this planet !?
    So many awareness,and different choices that I now can receive
    A New Financial Reality !! Totally different one… not a fixing of a old one!
    To everyone on this amazing money series … Just keep going !! don’t judge yourself and Don’t Stop
    These last few days have so uncomfortable , though i know enough now , to keep going and don’t do wrongness..instead embrace it and ride the wave !!

  9. Shawn Christopher Hart

    Seems Call #9 was a tipping point for me. I had made some interesting choices for a couple months since the beginning of the calls.
    A few days after the last one I created over $10k on a trip to the casino. A few days after that I landed a few thousand a month retainer employment gig. Since starting the calls I’ve made my way to becoming and became a certified facilitator.
    I’m so grateful I chose this and in even more gratitude for you offering it Shannon! Thank you doesn’t ‘feel’ quite enough, and, creating beyond what I Never imagined possible seems but a glimpse of what is available to choose now!

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