The Consciousness of Wealth & the Wealth of Consciousness
Shannon O'Hara & Dr. Dain Heer | 2022

USD $ 5,000.00


USD $ 5,000.00

Country pricing applies and is automatically calculated.

Welcome to the Consciousness of Wealth and the Wealth of Consciousness class with Shannon O'Hara & Dr. Dain Heer!

The genius of abundance is the future this world requires.


  1. Choice of Possibilities and Energetic Synthesis of Being at any time
  2. One of these classes within the past 12 months:
  • Choice of Possibilities
  • Energetic Synthesis of Being
  • Symphony of Possibilities
  • Advanced Body Class
  • 7-Day Event

AND you must have completed two of the below approved Money classes with Gary Douglas, Dain Heer or Shannon O’Hara:


Two of the below:

This class is in ENGLISH.

Translations available also in the following languages:
Deutsch | Português | Español | 简体中文

Full price for this class is 5000 USD.
* Access Country pricing applies.


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You are cordially invited to join Dr. Dain Heer & Shannon O’Hara for a joyous and intense dive into the magic of gifting and receiving … and the wealth of consciousness.

Part of the Wealth of Consciousness is acknowledging to you, that you are the source for you and everything that gets created and chosen.

–Dr. Dain Heer

Every time you invest in consciousness, it starts paying back in dividends and this is conscious economics. It is when you commit to consciousness, when you choose to know, rather than not know, when you choose to expand, rather than withdraw or contract. When you make a choice for consciousness, it will return in all of these incredible ways.

–Shannon O'Hara


6 x 90 minute Pre - Recorded class via mp3 Audio
6 x 90 minute Pre - Recorded class via mp4 Video (available in English only)
6 x Written Clearings PDF
6 x Homeplay via PDF
6 x Clearing Loop via mp3 Audio
BONUS - Choice of Possibilities, March 2022, Puerto Vallarta, Day 1 - Morning audio

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