What is The Business of Succeeding?

What would it take to have total ease, joy & glory in your business? Facilitating Access can create a business which is like nothing else.
However, you can do and do until you’re blue in the face and if you aren’t willing to succeed you won’t.

What will you gain and what will you lose if you succeed? What if BUSINESS was JOYFUL and FUN? Business is JOY, it’s creation, it’s generative. It can be the adventure of LIVING.

Join me to discover what is truly required to SUCCEED in your BUSINESS. Trust the river of consciousness and ride it to lands unknown, the lands you dream of!

Welcome to a completely different reality in business….

  • Since this series started there has been a true acceleration in my business. Not only in terms of creation but also in terms of streamlining things and getting things moving with more ease. This change has been occurring for my Access business but I never imagined it could also impact my dance company the way it has: so much expansion!

    Aaaaaaand I am super excited that while I’ve been creating like a mofo with both businesses I júst became a 3-day body class facilitator, it’s literally making me beam from happiness!!

    Thank you, Shannon O’Hara, for this amazing series. I have been relistening to the calls and it’s just brilliant stuff. And thank you, awesome participants!

  • Hello, Amazing people !!! I just want to share with you guys that I had my BOS session with Shannon O’Hara today, and it was more than incredible! She just lighted up my world with questions that took me out of the place where I was and me.

    I really perceive things differently, and there was such gratitude in my word after that that I truly want to share this with you, and at the same time I want to thank Shannon for all she be and do !!!

  • I have interesting changes here. Seems like I have entered the willingness to grab life by its balls, be more present, create more and holding back less and less. I am getting that being much more productive and aggressively present is not as exhausting as holding back was. Putting together a VA team right now. Leading my ass off. I might become scary. ??? How much fun will that be?

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