The Myth of Creation?

The Myth of Creation ?The myth of creation is that it is hard, significant, meaningful, permanent and linear.

I watched my 6-year-old stepdaughter create the most amazing little bouquet of flowers from plants in the front yard that I hadn’t even noticed were flowering.

She started picking these little tiny flowers with hardly any stem and my first response was ‘she’s hurting the plant’. But before I could say anything I noticed that the plant was actually enjoying being picked by her, so I said nothing and continued to observe while doing my own work.

She proceeded to buzz about the front yard climbing here, picking there and in the end she had this exquisite little bouquet created from flowers I had not even seen before she created.

She had seen and sensed the possibility that no-one else saw and went for it. Not from decision or obligation. She probably didn’t even think of creating a ‘bouquet’, she just did. She didn’t even have an end goal, she just kept humming and picking purely from the joy of being in the front yard on a sunny Saturday.

I piped in as she was finishing and asked if she would like a little vase for her bouquet, her creation inspired me to contribute. Once the flowers went into the vase it was dazzling.

She didn’t fully get what she had created cause for her it was just fun in the moment, not significant and meaningful (hint, hint).

What can you create today just for the fun of it that will add beauty to your life right away?

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